We believe  that sustainability isn’t just about the eco-friendly material but also those people behind the master piece. We all know lots of whispers about how cruel fashion industries at most inside the factory on how they treat their workers. Their salary, their right as a labourer, their right as human even.

Hence why, we only works with workers that are working from home so that they'll be able to take care of their family and gave their love and attentions they need. Although they're working from their house, we strongly dont't recommend them to work on their day offs. 

As a lot of brands still doing a sweat shop scheme, being fair as possible in terms of paying them fairly is our biggest priority in the making of our clothes. As they have to serve their table for their family and sustain their wellbeing as well. 


Hence why we only hire workers that are only works from home for some reasons, both due to their choice to work and also taking care of their family or those who got cut out because of the pandemic. We believe that if we want to change the world, we have to maximise our main resource that are human itself.